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In 2012, we ended a homely, family-run form of administration, with the "Aunt D" carioca accent to seek the financial sustainability of PROJECT ORCHESTRA, allowing our beloved teacher to dedicate herself fully to her vocation, which is to share with her students a lot of affection and attention in the form of handouts and personalized arrangements.

It is worth emphasizing that these teaching materials are updated every year, either in the layout, or, for example, in the redesign of the "bass line". This is necessary because children evolve technically and it is at that time that we propose new challenges. Thus, even if it is the same song, it is not the same score.



In this space, we want to thank Professor Denise Marques for not giving up on this proposal.

For having fought for all these years, sensitizing other FRIENDS of the ORCHESTRA to unite in a non-technological SOCIAL NETWORK.

We know that, in the early years there was no CD, cell phone, digital camera, online contacts, dissemination on the internet, youtube, face, etc. We can imagine how difficult it was to keep this collection organized.

We arrived here calmly and without much publicity, as we always strive to serve with technical quality and in a welcoming manner, so our number of people served is linked to the physical capacity of the partners, the availability of time for the friends of the orchestra

If we managed to get here today it was because this friend shared her knowledge, experience and affection in a generous and tireless way for so many years.

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