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Why this name


  • Because we work in suits (organized teams, synchronized, attentive, committed and scholars);

  • Because our desire is only to execute the Projects perfectly;

  • Because we assume the responsibility to do the best regardless of our age;

  • Because we like to overcome challenges by studying;

  • Because we understand the importance of collective construction so that improvisations have their moment and a secure base;

  • Because we practice inclusion. We don't do a selection test, everyone is welcome, we rewrote our score to integrate;

  • Because life is like an orchestra. Children of different ages, living in different homes, with different skills, can sound in HARMONY, as long as there is a proposal (PARTITURE) and safe driving (MAESTRO);

  • Because in PROJETO ORQUESTRA , we focus on technical, artistic, educational, social and welcoming planning, as stated in our bylaws;

  • because the ORQUESTRA PROJECT, in addition to developing talents and promoting cultural activities, is a place for reflection and practice of citizenship and respect for others.

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